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100% Organic Cotton period pads custom-sized for teens & adults

What is a Natural Sanitary Napkin?

Natural sanitary napkins are a sustainable substitute for conventional feminine hygiene products. Most are made with organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly, fair-trade materials. The-O'Dora Natural Sanitary Napkins are made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified organic cotton with nano-silver and absorbent polymers. Period pads are the healthiest choice.

Eco-friendly pads are designed to be safe for you and the environment. Free of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances and with a breathable layer to allow airflow, skin-friendly period padding is kind to sensitive skin.

No Plastic Liners: Lacks the plastic backing found in conventional pads, making them more environmentally friendly. They’re formulated to break down easily in landfills, and the packaging is polymers environmentally friendly.

Why Choose a Natural Sanitary Napkin?

Good hygiene and suitable panty liners are essential for comfort.
self-assurance, and overall health for women of all ages. Selecting organic hygiene period pads supports
your well-being and reduces your ecological footprint. They’re formulated to be gentle on your skin, reducing the risk of allergies, irritation, and infections. Will keep you comfortable and confident throughout your cycle. Visually wrapped: in biodegradable or recyclable materials for hygiene and convenience.

Organic Sanitary Pads

Pure and Gentle:

Certified Organic: Made with ingredients that are certified organic, ensuring no harmful chemicals are used during cultivation. Organic cotton, natural fibers, and materials free from phthalates are the only materials used to make our sanitary napkins.

Soft and Comfortable: Soft top layer made from natural fibers for added comfort during use.

Organic Sanitary Pads

Safe For Environment:

Biodegradable Materials: Made from organic, plant-based materials that are compostable and environmentally friendly, reducing landfill waste. We made our pads biodegradable because a healthier environment is vital to all of us. Eco-Friendly Packaging: Packaging made from recycled or sustainable materials, reducing plastic waste.

Organic Sanitary Pads

Comfort and Protection:

Our eight-layer pads provide reliable, innovative absorption with biopolymer and guard against bacteria with a negative ion design. Odor Control: Natural materials that help control odor without the use of artificial fragrances. Chemical-Free: Free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, and pesticides, minimizing the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions. Breathable: Allows air circulation, reducing moisture and heat buildup, and ensuring comfort.

the-odora Organic Sanitary Pads with airlaid paper

Air-Laid Paper:

Provides an impenetrable barrier with a high absorption level to draw dampness away from your skin.

High Absorbency: Efficient at absorbing menstrual flow, ensuring comfort and leakage protection.

Dermatologically Tested: Tested for skin compatibility, ensuring they are safe for all skin types.

Hypoallergenic: Suitable for sensitive skin, reducing the risk of rashes or irritation.

Organic Sanitary Pads cruelty free


Our products are not tested on animals. We’re dedicated to moral business practices and maintain an ethical supply chain. Vegan: Free from animal products or by-products, suitable for vegans. Sustainable Manufacturing: Produced using eco-friendly processes that minimize water usage, energy consumption, and carbon footprint.

Easy Steps to Use the The-O'Dora Natural Sanitary Napkins

The-O'Dora Napkins is dedicated to giving women a convenient option formenstrual care. Usage guidelines for our pads are simple to follow.

1. Prepare to be safe with cleanliness:

Wash your hands thoroughly before handling pads.

2. Select Size:

Choose your desired size based on your flow.

3. Unwrap & Open:

Open the wrapper and unfold the pad.

4. Peel & Place:

Remove the pad from the release paper, then carefully place the adhesive backside in
the center of your underwear.

5. Secure:

Make sure the pad is secured; press and smooth the pad firmly in place with clean hands.

6. Adjust:

Adjust your underwear to your comfort.

7. Dispose:

To dispose of the pad, fold and place it inside the included wrapper before discarding properly. Please don't flush the pad down the toilet. Always follow recycling instructions.

8. Stay Safe & Clean:

wash your hands!


The-O'Dora Natural Sanitary Napkins are designed to keep you feeling fresh and secure.

  • What are the Dangers of Not Using Organic Period Pads?

    Some non-natural pads are made with harmful chemicals that can cause various internal and external illnesses, and pads containing synthetic materials worn for an extended period of time can produce dangerous bacteria. Chemicals present in some napkins combined with menstrual fluid may cause rashes, irritation, and even deadly infections. Since most sanitary napkins don’t have an ample containment feature, they can permit a distinctive, embarrassing odor to develop when not frequently changed.

  • How to Identify Dangerous Sanitary Napkins

    Avoiding unsafe sanitary napkins is crucial for women's health. To recognize potential dangers, beware of strong or unusual odors, as these may signal the presence of harmful chemicals. Skin irritation, allergies, or recurrent discomfort can indicate a hazardous product. Check for any discoloration or mold on the pad before use. Avoid overly fragranced options and be wary of suspiciously low prices or damaged packaging. Always consider choosing well-reviewed brands for your safety.

  • Zoe B.

    "I can't recommend The-O'Dora Napkins enough! They have truly transformed my period experience. Not only are they incredibly absorbent and leak-proof, but they have also significantly reduced my menstrual cramps. The ion strip works wonders, providing me with a comfortable and pain-free period. It's a life-saver!"

  • Mikka Huff

    "I'm in love with The-O'Dora Napkins for so many reasons. Firstly, they prioritize sustainability without compromising on performance. The organic cotton feels luxuriously soft against my skin, and the moisture-trapping ability keeps me feeling fresh and dry all day long. It's
    reassuring to know that I'm using a product that's safe for both my body and the environment

  • Kenya Mosely

    "I've tried numerous sanitary napkins, but none compare to The-O'Dora Napkins. The difference in odor control is remarkable. Thanks to the nano-silver and negative ion strip, I no longer worry about unwanted smells during my period. These napkins have exceeded my expectations and given me the confidence to go about my day worry-free."

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DISCLAIMER: The-O'Dora Natural Sanitary Napkin Pad is provided without any guarantees. Miss. Arlene's is not responsible for any of the qualities mentioned about these organic sanitary pads and makes no assurances. Miss. Arlene's DOES NOT make any medically upheld claims about this product being dermatologically certified. Positive use of 100% pure organic cotton pads varies according to the user's menstrual health and other medical factors. The use of this product is at the user's risk.