Q: What’s the big deal about natural sanitary pads?  

A: Often, we never know we have a problem until we have a problem. Understand some of us may never have issues and others may have silent issues. Also, better to be safe now than sorry later.


Q: Why should I use natural sanitary napkins now?

A: Most women think PMS is normal until they step into the world of natural food and natural products and later learn PMS is not normal. The big deal is your natural body is healthier when you use natural products.


Q: Why are organic pads so expensive? 

A: Most organic sanitary pads are made with high-quality materials, which can be the main factor for why they cost more. But keep in mind that you will not just be paying for the product; you are more paying for the healthy benefit of the product. Plus, you really can’t place a price on your health. After just a few uses you will notice that you are more relaxed, and your hormones should be balanced. Then you most likely are going to fall in love with the experience.


Q: I used your natural pads once before and I made a mess of myself, but for the first time I noticed I had no cramps and headaches. But I want to give them another chance and try them again. I am just so afraid to have another accident. What do you suggest I do?

A: Yes, you should try them again. Don’t let that first mess experience discourage you. Your body may need more time to adjust to them. As you continue to use them you will notice that you have less flow. I also recommend that you make sure the pink ion strip is in the center of your crotch and change your pad as often as you can until you realize that you can wear them for longer. In time you may notice that you flow less and most likely shorter menstrual days.


Q: Honestly, I like the thinness of The-O’Dora pads; I never wore pads so thin. But I don’t feel secure, and I tend to change my pad too often and then run out sooner. I am just always nervous and don’t understand how pads so thin can hold my heavy-flowing days. It doesn’t feel like I am wearing anything, I have to keep feeling and checking to make sure they are in place. I am just not convinced, and I don’t like sitting on wet pads. Are you sure that these pads will support me? What should I do?

A: The-O’Dora Napkins although very thin, were still crafted for comfort and innovative protection, which makes them more than capable of holding a large amount of fluid without overflow. We strongly suggest that you allow your body to get used to wearing them. While at home try wearing them for as long as you can. This may allow you to ease your mind when you are in the comfort of your home. Understand they are made to release excess heat and moisture without leaking, which will help keep your skin cool and dry. Yes, these pads are very thin, but also very absorbent; they can hold an extremely large number of fluids. While we don’t recommend it, you can wear these pads for up to 10 hours.


Q: Your variety box of organic sanitary pads is great; I love the fact that I first had an option to select and use all four sizes. Now it has been a while and my heavy flow and days have decreased and don’t need the overnight anymore. When will these pads be available in single-size packs?

A: Our goal was to first introduce the world to The-O’Dora by conveniently offering it in an all-in-one box. As demands for our product continues to grow, we plan on increasing our inventory with other options shortly. Once this time is near, further details will be announced.


Q: What makes natural sanitary napkins healthy enough to avoid cramps, migraines, and even cancer can a pad do all this?

A: Most sanitary napkins made of natural non-toxic materials such as organic cotton, can limit and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Add in the technology of the unique negative ion strip that has many health benefits, which may help reduce pain inflammation, and other issues, is what makes our pads healthy.


Q: I love the fact that you all added the wipes to the box of pads! These are amazing and don’t irritate me but are not enough. When will they be sold separately?

A: As we are currently in the process of the development stage of constructing a new larger single pack of our wipes, we don’t have an exact date of availability as yet. Rest assured that it will be coming soon.


Q: Are these pads safe for my teenage daughter to use?

A: Yes. Our pads are toxin-free and safe for everyone. These are all-natural and organic sanitary pads, no need to worry about side effects.