My new, healthy, and natural sanitary napkins were created with my late mother, Theodora, in mind. Each month, my mother would nurture me back to health as I endured some of the most painful and stressful days of my life. I started my menstrual cycle at just nine years of age. I suffered severely from cramps, headaches, hot flashes and chills, vomiting and diarrhea, and above all, intense bleeding. Every period I would feel so close to what I imagine was death. Yet, my mother would be my therapist and nurse, comforting and restoring me, whether through her amazing, herbal hot tea, painkillers, heating pads, or her unlimited love, care, and hugs.

After multiple visits to medical professionals, we discovered there was nothing the doctors could do that my mother’s magical powers couldn’t, aside from the prescription for 800-milligram ibuprofen. Those would help, but they would also often interrupt daily life, like attending school. For years, we assumed these symptoms were normal. We always thought it was my body causing me so much pain and distress, but it was all a lie. There was so much information on menstruation that we were not aware of, like the poisonous chemicals used in the materials of most traditional sanitary pads.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned something appalling. I came across a captivating news article about other women like me. I couldn’t stop reading about how they, too, dreaded the suffering that accompanied that time of the month, just like me. They shared how they were able to stop the madness, which intrigued me greatly. I continued to read about how they now have natural, healthy periods. The solution? Naturally made organic sanitary pads!

 This was a life-changing discovery. I learned the absorbent materials like wood pulp, which was bleached with chlorine and mixed with other degraded wasted products were inside the sanitary pads I was using, and those chemicals were making me sick. It was astonishing to learn that all of this could cause Toxic Shock Syndrome. Due to this, I was determined to research and find the perfect,  organic cotton sanitary pad for me.

It didn’t take too long to find some that worked, and honestly, they saved my life! After just a few months of use, everyone in and out of my circle knew about the wonders of these premium natural organic cotton sanitary pads. They were so wonderful that I added them to my shop’s inventory. Unfortunately, the day came when those organic sanitary pads were no longer available, and my customers and I were left heartbroken and lost. Then, the idea popped into my head–I could find a manufacturer to help me design and make a new product for me and my customers. There was no way we were going back to the pain and turmoil of traditional chemical pads.

At the time, I knew there was nothing like this on the U.S. market, and I had to take the initiative and create my own brand of healthy, natural organic cotton sanitary pads. I knew taking this step in my life would bring me the greatest joy and in the middle of 2021 I took the time to make it all happen. Now, I want to share my story and product with other women around the world. I truly hope that others could now experience healthy, stress-free, and painless periods; like myself, my friends, my colleagues and my customers.

Although my mother is no longer physically present to celebrate this joy with me, I know her spirit is always around and guiding me to do the right thing. The-O'Dora Sanitary Napkins are an ultimate dedication to her as a “thank you” for all the love and care she provided to me. I want to take this opportunity to pay it forward even further and share in the caring with all you women who face the trauma of severe monthly pain. This is your turn to take the time and get rid of it forever by trying our new, natural, healthy sanitary napkins. Remember, a chemical-free pads means a healthy and happy period. Period!