About Us

Miss. Arlene is a free-spirited individual who comes from a large West Indian family that believes in a natural life. She was raised in Houston Texas and lived her life based on her Island roots. Growing up, she witnessed her mother’s extreme kindness and her willingness to help others. Arlene’s mother was the type of person who would cook large meals enough to feed the entire neighborhood. Her mother’s actions were a significant influence on her and molded Miss. Arlene into the person she is today. For this reason, Arlene is always willing to create natural products and share them with others in need.

Our Founder, Miss. Arlene's over a decade ago, started as a top local destination for people of all ages seeking sanitary napkins, natural skin and body care products, making her small shop one of the #1 distributors of handmade holistic products in Southeast Texas. She has had great success for many years and has been her customer's one and only stop for the highest quality of 100% pure plant-based and most effective organic solutions time and time again.

Miss. Arlene is an innovator who is always looking for ways to improve her natural healthly life and share her ideas with others. While navigating through her own dreadful menstruating journeys, she discovered others were also seeking the same path to nurture a healthier period. In addition to her existing all-natural product line, she felt the inspiring need to offer her new The-O’Dora Natural Sanitary Napkins! These sanitary napkins are specifically designed to help both teens and adults for healthy period. The-O’Dora was created to address this generation's menstruating pain points: comfort, preparedness, empowerment, sustainability, community, transparency, and overall happy natural health!